There is hope!

Life is hard. Our world is full of people with challenges, troubles, trials, abuse, addition, hopelessness and much more. In these pages you will find stories from people whose lives have been transformed. We hope these personal testimonies will bring you hope if you are currently struggling and don't know where to turn. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to talk.

  • Ray - Unfulfilled

    I grew up in a family that wasn’t particularly religious, but attended church for a while. I never doubted the existence of God. I could never even imagine this world just coming into existence by chance. To be honest, I was very concerned about death. I knew God existed, but I didn’t really understand what was necessary for me to be in heaven when I died. So, like so many people seemed to do, I made some assumptions. I believed that if I lived a good enough life that God might let me into His heaven and I certainly hoped He would.

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  • Adelee - beauty for ashes

    On September 1st, 2013, my dad committed suicide. He put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger, ending his life. We were devastated, but while his death came as a horrifying shock, I felt as if I had lost him long before that. I guess you could say I never really had a father. 

          I was the youngest of three, with two older brothers. My mom was a loving, devoted, Christian woman. She made sure we made it to church, and she always tried to instill in us a faith in God… 

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  • jay - fear not!

    I was born into a military family in Louisiana, moved to Germany, moved to Alabama and then finally ended up in Indiana at the age of 6. My mother did a lot of the parenting up until then, which caused a lot of stress on my parents' marriage. We did not grow up going to church very much; my mother tried to take me when she could. There was a lot of fighting in the home and my dad often was stressed or angry about work. I was also dealing with mean kids in school and often struggled to find genuine friends. Middle school was a very low period of time for me and I was trying to find joy in many wrong places.  

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  • Michele - a craving

    My parents were hard-working, faithful people who loved one another and us kids. They set a good example in many ways.  We were middle class folks in a small city. My brothers and sister and I went to good public schools, and each of us had the opportunity for higher education.

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