the rock at iupui

The Rock is a contemporary organization for college students and young community members that want to experience God, not religion. The purpose of The Rock is to show this generation the hope found in Jesus Christ and how God is relevant and active today. It is our goal to live authentic Christian lives according to the timeless truths of the New Testament. 

The Rock meets every Thursday evening at the Campus Center at IUPUI. We also meet weekly in Life groups off campus (for worship, prayer, fellowship) as well as in Growth groups for accountability. Visit our web page for more information!

Alex Glennon is the campus ministry Director for the Rock ministry at IUPUI, working alongside the pastors at Eagle Creek Community Church. Alex is married to Abigail and they have two beautiful daughters Payton and Nora.


Alex met Abigail in 2011 at the convergence conference put on for college students. They stayed friends for many years and finally got married in 2021. They both have many years of working on college campuses and love getting to share the gospel with students!


Alex is employed through Eagle Creek Community Church and builds a support team that partners with him and his family to build the Rock ministry at IUPUI. Eagle Creek Community Church provides accountability and support in building that team and managing the financial gifts that those partners donate to the ministry and the Glennon family.