"Go into all the world"

At Eagle Creek Community Church we have partnered with several missionaries and churches that are dedicated to sharing the gospel all over the world. We support them financially as well as sending short term missions overseas to help out when possible. The following gives some information regarding these ministries.

  • Costa Rica

    The Great Commission Church in San Jose, Costa Rica has two stages in its story, one in which pastor Alex Paredes was working in San Jose for over 10 years; they established a group of brothers and sisters who grew solid in their faith. The second stage starts when pastor Carlos Gomez and his family moved from Miami to continue the church in 2007. 

    In 2014 Carlos Lagos moved from Honduras to help the church start a Children’s Development Center.  In 2018 he also started the Hangout, a campus ministry and outreach at the National University of Costa Rica. 

  • church in nicaragua

    Pastor Angel Amador led a team of believers of believers from Danli and Tegucigalpa to plant GCLA's first church in Nicaragua in 2006. The church is conveniently located near several prominent universities, where GCLA hopes to influence the youth of Latin America with the gospel.

    Since the church was planted in 2006, God has used the church to start a malnutrition center that benefits 16 kids between the ages of 3/5. The children are cared for at the church building, where they received meals, education and most of all are introduced to Jesus.

    In order to touch the more educated generation, the church started a computer lab where students can come to study, use the internet and hang out.  Additionally, in 2011, GCLA's medical partnership with Total Health allowed GLA to hire a doctor full time to run a clinic to administer love through medical assistance and evangelism.

  • mike and rita bergan

    Mike and Rita Bergan are partnered with the Great Commission Churches in the US and the Independent Churches of Great Commission in the Philippines.

    Mike coaches a group of churches in the Philippines while he also trains disciples in the US. He is helping the Philippine churches send their own missionaries to the parts of Asia where people have never heard of Jesus Christ. To do this, Mike is building a team of partnerships with American and Philippine Christians.

  • mike and sue keator

    Mike Keator (and his wife Sue) was a member of an evangelistic church planting team that in 1970 launched the Great Commission movement that has spread across the United States and parts of five continents.

    In 2009 they start RUN Global specifically to activate and mobilize the body of Christ to RUN to finish the task of teaching the world with the gospel of Christ. RUN stands for Reach the Unreached NOW! At RUN Global, we believe the Great Commission task can be finished in our lifetime, if we RUN!

    In 2009 they catalyzed a church planting movement in India that is seeing thousands of people saved and trained to reach others. Now they are in another Asian nation catalyzing more church planting movements. 

  • daniel and lori goering

    Daniel and Lori Goering came to faith in Christ while studying at the University of Kansas in Lawrence in the early 1970's. Daniel studied Mathematics and Lori Speech Communications. They have invested their lives in planting churches, first across the midwest of the U.S., then across Europe. Along with their family (which includes six children and meanwhile 7 grandchildren) they initiated Great Commission's missionary efforts in Europe in 1990. They started in Dortmund, Germany and then Cologne, and now live and service in Berlin. They have been a part of seeing numerous German churches planted, which are all led by German nationals. Daniel also coaches church-planting efforts in other parts of western Europe in his capacity as a Co-Director of Great Commission Europe

  • tom short campus ministries

    Jesus' last command was to "Go and make disciples of all the nations". I adopted this as my life mission in 1974 and since that time I've sought to make disciples (followers of Christ) by faithfully preaching and teaching the Word of God on campuses all over America and, now, in Europe and South Asia as well.

    While many Christians are content to stay within the walls of the church, my motto is "takin' it to their turf" or, as Jesus said, "Go out into the highways and along the hedges and compel them to come in so that My house may be filled". (Luke 14:23)